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What I Have Out There

I realized that I have not updated this blog in a long time. I have another, more daily musings blog, HERE. This blog is for announcing and discussing writing progress, and I have indeed been writing.

The Kringle Conspiracy has been out for a couple of years. It makes a good, light beach read for Christmas in July.

There's another Kringle book! Kringle in the Night came out in October, and again, Christmas in July is coming up!

I wrote a serialized science fiction novel now on Kindle Vella called Kel and Brother Coyote Save the Universe. Think space opera, "opposites attract" romance, and a plot to despoil a nature planet that has its own secrets.

I finally published the first novel I wrote after many learning experiences. Here it is: Gaia's Hands.

I am happy about the cover of Gaia's Hands because my niece designed

and created it, so kudos for Rachel Bond.

Right now I'm working on revising other books I have written as well as writing a new one in my Barn Swallows' Dance series (Gaia's Hands is the first book in that series.)

So glad to share with you!

-- Lauren

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